What our clients say about Quality Cleaning.

"I will admit that certain things in life I never planned on paying anyone to do for me. Clean my house is one of those. But, with busy lives and the 15 1/2 hours I worked today, coming home to a freshly cleaned house, top to bottom I might add, was an incredibly nice feeling. Thank you so much to Jenna Waldrop and the crew at Quality Cleaning for doing such an amazing job! I would highly recommend them for anyone's home or office!!!"

Rick Calvin

"Very professional with great attention to detail! Highly recommended."

Jason Walkowicz

"No one take Cleaning more seriously then Quality House Cleaning!! Their attention to detail is impressive."

Royd Buchele

"Great company! They've been cleaning my house for two months, and I've been nothing but impressed with the quality and detail of their service. Would recommend this company to anyone."

Allen Heldt

"Quality Cleaning does a great job with whole house cleaning! No job is too big or too small for this group! They work with each customer to help in the areas you are wanting taken care of. They are efficient, reliable and trustworthy."

Carol Bell Gutierrez

"Quality Cleaning does a wonderful job. They are professional, reliable, and very reasonably priced. They also sell gift certificates for any occasion! We love to give the gift of a clean house. We highly recommend Quality Cleaning!"

Damon Gutierrez

"Jenna did an amazing job! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! My house is beautiful"

Wendy Hallett

"Quality Cleaning takes cleaning to new levels. They get to places you haven't seen or even knew where there. They are professional and do great work. Need to clean your house or office? Give them a call."

Chad Beckey

"My house was in BAD shape, and Quality Cleaning did a great job cleaning my house. I highly recommend!"

Cori Baumann

"Pride kept me from calling sooner, but I wish I would have! Work and school had me so busy and I was always running behind on chores so I wasn't getting to the big home improvement projects I wanted. I just returned from an out of state work trip to find a sparkling clean house!!! What a feeling, now I can get to organizing because some of the basic chores are already done! Worth the investment!!!!!"

April Welch

"They do a fantastic job and I would recommend to anyone who needs help with their cleaning!"

Wanda Brindamour

"Highly recommended with a very responsive and friendly staff. Don't stress.....let them clean the mess!!!"

Jesse Knick

"Absolutely outstanding! They truly care about you and your home. I love coming home to see and smell how clean our home is. I without a doubt would recommend Quality House Cleaning!"

Shane Waldrop

"Jenna has been a delight. Very professional & does a great job every single time. I recently lost my job but I will not lose her! That is for sure! I will give up my wine before I lose her! She provides a wonderful service. I highly recommend her!"

Patty McLaughlin

"I swear they are like magic genies. Our house looks amazing!!!"

Ryan Carelson