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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you clean both home or office?

Absolutely! We clean for both residential and commercial clients.

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes we do! At this time I don’t have access for you to pay by credit card through my website, but if you call me 517-673-1404 I can make the payment for you over the phone. We can also set up recurring payments to make things easier & you won’t have to worry about it again.

When is payment due?

Payment for all services is due at the time of service or paid in advance via cash, check, money order, credit card, online bill pay through your bank or paypal @ 

Please seal payments in an envelope to help protect the privacy of Quality cleaning. If we arrive at your home & no payment is left for that day or paid in advance, we will not be able to clean for you. 

Please make checks payable to “Quality House Cleaning” 

Are you bonded & insured?

Yes! We are bonded & insured through Derek Johnson at Nationwide Insurance in Adrian MI.

Do you guarantee your cleaning service?

Absolutely! I like to keep open communication with my clients.  Therefore, if you need something that I may not be aware of, just let me know! Through communication you will be provided the service that is best for you!

What days & hours are you available to clean?

I schedule our clients Monday – Friday 8am-5pm If you have a request for special hours other than what I have listed here, just ask! 

What time will you arrive to clean my home?

I will let you know which day of the week we will be there. The time can vary depending on that days schedule. Our hours of operation are M-F 8am-5pm.

Why do a walk through?  (In home/office estimate)

Prices are charged according to the condition/details of your home/office…if you have pets, kids, the size of your home/office, number of rooms, clutter, etc. If you submit a form in the Quote section, I will give you a rough estimate BEFORE our scheduled walk through. Please note: This will only be an estimate, after our walk through the cost may vary. 

Do you provide the cleaning supplies?

Yes! I provide the equipment & cleaning supplies needed to clean your home/office. If you have a specific cleaning solution you’d rather I use, I ask that you provide it for us.

Do I need to do anything before my home or office is cleaned?

To make the cleaning process most efficient, we appreciate when clients tidy up before we arrive. Pick up your clothing, toys, papers ect. That way we can focus on the general cleaning.

How long will it take to clean my home or office?

That depends on the size & condition of your home or office. We care about doing an excellent job, therefore time will vary.

How often can you clean my home or office?

That is completely up to you, the client. We typically offer weekly, Bi-weekly or monthly cleans. For offices we also offer multiple cleanings per week. We also provide one time, occasional or for special occasions upon availability..

Do you offer one-time cleanings??

Absolutely! We can clean your home or office one time regardless of the reason. We’re confident you’ll love our work so much, you’ll want to schedule a re-occurring cleaning.

Can you do a move-in/move-out clean?

Absolutely! We clean your home or office before you move in or after you move out so you don’t have to

Do you offer extra services such as dishes or laundry?

Absolutely! We can talk about what you need to make your life easier! Keep in mind there will be an additional fee.

What if I need to cancel a cleaning or reschedule?

We ask that you do not cancel any cleaning service. However we understand things come up & we will do our very best to accommodate you. Please keep in mind that we have a designated spot just for you & rescheduling can be difficult. We simply ask that you try your best to keep your scheduled cleaning date.

Do you do all of the cleanings yourself or do you send other people to do the job?

I am proud to announce that we are growing & doing very well. When I am on the job myself, I bring crew members with me. However there may be times that it is necessary to send crew members without me. You can rest assured that I only employ people I know & trust. I also request references from each of my employees and perform a background check as well. I personally train each of our crew members & do spot checks to ensure they are maintaining the quality & performance I have instilled. We are also bonded & insured through Derek Johnson at Nationwide Insurance. Need a copy? Just ask! I’d be happy to provide you with that.